Jan Joosten (has gone by "Jan Jan" on Facebook), found with 28,000 images and videos of child porn, including some which depicted rape.

English article here: French: Chinese: Dutch: Russian:

Vietnamese: Swedish:


Hebrew (honorary title stripped here):

Helmut Koester, sexually assaulted his students:

Richard C. Carrier, sexually harassed several people (women and non-binary people) and was banned from Skepticon for it: Skepticon ban: Email Evidence of Harassment and Lawsuit:

Richard I. Pervo, pedophile who had used is University computer to download and store over 1000 of images of child pornography.

C. T. R. Hayward, pedophile who was caught with 165 images of child pornography on flashdrives and multiple computers:

Steven Phillip Brey, child porn charges (see Medium article below). David Matthew Morgan, child porn charges (Medium article).

George Coleman Baker (goes by Coleman Baker in publishing), possession of child porn:

Gilbert Bilezikian: sexually harassed numerous students of his:

Melvin Peters: sexually harassed several students and women: David Sills: sexual assault:


Anthony Moore, secretly videotaped the campus youth pastor of The Village Church showering, making several secret video tapes over the span of several months in 2017:

John Howard Yoder: brought up on 13 charges of sexual misconduct:

Virgilio Elizondo, sex abuse of a boy:

[I will continue to update this as more information becomes available]

This link documents 210 (and growing) professors in various departments who have been involved in child sex trafficking, porn, and more.

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